Beyonce is faking being black: US congressional candidate

The famous African American singer Beyonce is faking being black according to a conspiracy theory by KW Miller who is running to represent Florida in the 18th Congressional District in the coming elections in November.

Beyonce Faking Black KW Miller
Beyonce is faking being black: US congressional candidate.

The US congressional candidate took to Twitter in a series of Tweets where he claimed that Beyonce was faking being black and she is actually Italian and her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi.

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The act is all part of her Soros Deep State Agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement and also warned the singer that is under notice from now on. However, that’s not all as Miller goes on saying that the African American singer is also a satanist and in her song Formation, the singer admits to being demonic and carries satanist symbols in her bag.

Beyonce isn’t the only one Miller went talked about in his series of Tweets. The US congressional candidate also mentioned African American singer Patti LaBelle and accused her of worshiping satan as well.

He seems to have come to the conclusion about LaBelle from her 1991 song with the following lyrics:

I’m under your spell. I don’t want to break free. You can make a slave out of me. I worship you and nobody else. I pledge my love to you forever.

Now KW Miller claims that the singer is admitting to worshiping satan or Luficer and being Deep State Operative her secret plan is to get Barack Obama back in office.

At the end, the US congressional candidate made a startling revelation that “MOST” celebrities are controlled by Deep State and their agenda is pushing children to liberalism.

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