Huge blast rocks the Lebanese capital Beirut

The Lebanese capital Beirut was hit by a large blast that injured hundreds of people according to the country’s Health Minister Hamad Hassan.

Beirut blast, Beirut explosion
Huge blast rocks the Lebanese capital Beirut.

The massive explosion in Beirut took place around 6:00pm local time at the port of the city which sent a shockwave damaging buildings and shattering windows across different parts of the city.

The exact cause of the blast in Beirut is still unknown but the Health Minister of Lebanon, a ship carrying fireworks blew up at the port resulting in the massive explosion but there are suspicions of a rocket strike or detonation of explosives according to many sources.

Videos have started circulating across the social media especially Twitter which show a huge cloud of smoke from across the city and many eye witnesses in the area reported of a fire and several small explosions prior to the massive blast.

A journalist working for the Daily Star Newspaper shared a video of her office which is reportedly 400 meters showing damage that occurred to the building from the massive blast at Beirut port area.

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