Six-year-old boy killed in crossfire in Indian occupied Kashmir

KASHMIR: An innocent soul, a six-year-old boy is killed in the latest crossfire in Indian occupied Kashmir. He was among the five people who fell victim to the latest violence by the militants.

A police officer reported the child was in a car driving through a gun battle between paramilitaries and rebels near Bijbehara town.

During the exchange of fire the boy and a soldier were injured, both later succumbed to death in the hospital. Army spokesperson Colonel Rajesh Kalia also informed three other rebels were also killed in firefight at Chewa near Srinagar city.

The battle lasted for twenty hours.

6-year-old boy dies in Kashmir crossfire

6-year-old boy dies in Kashmir crossfire

Posted by Gulf Today on Friday, 26 June 2020

At least thirty-three separatist fighters have been killed this month and according to police hundred fighters lost their lives this year.

Since coronavirus lockdown was imposed in late March, India has sped up it’s military operation in Kashmir.

Armed clashed were already frequent in the Indian occupied Kashmir, but have increased in the past few weeks. Indian has 500,000 soldiers deployed in Kashmir.

The mountainous valley of Kashmir is claimed by both India and Pakistan, the tension soared between the two countries when the Indian PM Narender Modi’s Hindu nationalist government revoked it’s special autonomous status of the Muslim mjaority region.

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The Jammu and Kashmir Police claim to have identified the militant behind the attack on security forces connected to the incident.

The Kashmir zone police informed in a tweet that the militant has been identified as Zahid Daas. According to police he belongs to jammu and Kashmir Islamic State (JKIS) outfits. FIR has been registered against him.

The boy has been identified as Nihan Yawar and the soldier as constable Shamal Kumar.

Omar Abdullah NC vice president wrote on Twitter “An innocent six year old boy is the latest victim of the violence in Kashmir. His death in a dastardly grenade attack by militants is tragic & condemned without reservation. May Allah grant him Jannat & his family strength at this difficult time.”

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