Brazil plane crash: Plane crashed in residential area killing three

BRAZIL: Brazil plane crash into residential area killing three.

The plane crashed right after taking off from Carlos Prates Airport in Belo Horizonte, Brazil .

The Brazil plane crashed into cars in the residential street and took life of three people.

The crash lead to explosions and an inferno in the residential street.

According to local reports the plane was small and it crashed right after taking off from the airport. The reports also suggest it is the second time in seven months the plane crashed in the same street.

According to the rescue team three people have also been injured in the Monday morning’s air disaster in the Caicaras district.

Several cars were also destroyed after the inferno.

An official from the local fire department said that the plane smashed into vehicles at the intersection of Minerva and Belmiro Braga streets

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Reports claimed it was Cirrus SR20 plane. The plane has capacity of boarding four people only, a pilot and three passengers.

Due to the incident 6,000 homes in the area lost the electricity. The incident occurred Monday morning about 8am local time.

Firefighters rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire.

Residents have raised concerns

Residents now have started showing their concerns. They have raised concerns about living under the flight path. They are now demanding action from local officials.

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One of the resident shared the video of the incident and raised his concern saying

Another plane that crashed in my street, until when ???

Minerva Street in Caicara has a serious plane problem, (this) is already the second (crash).

URGENT! Plane crashes after takeoff from Carlos Prates Airport on Atlantis Street with Belmiro Braga #transitobh#helicopterojovempan#URGENTE

An aircraft crashed recently in Caiçara neighborhood in BH. Three dead and three wounded have been confirmed so far. My solidarity with the victims and family and our thanks to the 34 PMs and the Firefighters for their immediate presence.

Second plane crash this year in the neighborhood where I live, Caiçara. Unfortunately 3 people died, and 3 others were hospitalized. My solidarity with the victims’ relatives. The plane crashed in the same place as another plane crashed in April. causes of these accidents

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Residents recorded intense smoke from the fire.

Resident records the intensity of smoke generated by the plane crash, in the Caiçara neighborhood in Belo Horizonte

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