Ceylan Aslan: Father kills 9-year-old daughter on return from jail

TURKEY: Nine-year-old Ceylan Aslan was brutally beaten to death by her father Muslum Aslan after being released from jail in coronavirus amnesty.

Muslum Aslan was serving his prison time after stabbing his wife Rukiye Aslan. He was released from prison last Friday in the governments’ coronavirus amnesty scheme to stop the spread of the virus in the prison.

The incident occurred in the Güzelvadi District of Gaziantep last week. The violent and heartless father has been arrested again after being released from the prison.

The local media reports, Muslu, Aslan was arrested and jailed last year for stabbing his wife Rukiye. He was released to prevent the spread of the virus in the overcrowded Turkey’s prison.

The father went straight to his estranged wife’s home in an attempt to kidnap his three children. A fight broke out in which the nine-year-old was brutally beaten to death by her own father.

She was rushed to the hospital but died due to internal injuries.

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Rukiye Aslan Statement

Rukiye Aslan who has already filed for divorce said it was a common practice of her husband to use violence against the children.

She said the thirty-three-year-old Muslum hung their elder daughter up against the wall and battered her with a hose. After the little girls collapsed on the ground the father left the two sons and fled the house by taxi.

He was later arrested in a park.

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Ceylan Aslan taken to hospital

The mother called the 155 hotline after Ceylan Aslan collapsed on the ground motionless and covered in blood. The police took the little girl to the hospital. She was treated in the intensive care unit but doctors could not save her. She died due to severe internal injuries.

Ceylan Aslan lost her life to the brutal beating of her father in front of her two little brothers.

She was buried one day before the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

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