Child Prodigy, Laurent Simons to graduate at the age of nine

A child prodigy from Belgium, Laurent Simons is set to graduate at the age of just nine. He is studying electrical engineering.

The extraordinary and genius child will finish his degree in December.

Laurent Simons is doing his electronic engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), in the Netherlands. Electronic engineering is a course that is tough even for average graduate age students. This nine-year-old will set the records of youngest graduate in the world.

That is not enough for him though, he has plans for Ph.D. in electrical engineering and medicine degree as well.

Laurent’s grandparents were the first ones to notice the special gift in their grandchild. His parents, Lydia and Alexander Simons initially thought they were just exaggerating. But when his teachers said the same thing, their views changed.

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More About Laurent

  • Laurent Simons’ IQ score is 145.
  • He started high school at the age of six and got his high school diploma at the age of seven.
  • He led a research project at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam because he found schoolwork boring and easy.
  • He started Eindhoven University in March 2019.
  • On graduating in December he will hold the record of the youngest university graduate.
  • He has photographic memory which helps his master subjects in a matter of days.

His future plans

His favorite subject is mathematics but he also wants to study medicine. He plans to become a surgeon or an astronaut. In an interview, he said he does not only want to restore ailing hearts but wants to make new ones. His goal as a scientist is to prolong human lives.

Laurent has already caught attention of many prestigious universities around the world. But at this moment his parents did not say which one they are considering for him.

Just a normal kid

Apart from his special gift and accomplishments is just a normal kid. He loves playing with his dog and loves spending weekends with his grandparents. He is as stubborn as any nine-year-old child. His mother said he pouts when dinner is not to his liking. His friends are mostly older than him due to his fast advancing educational life.

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