China Sinkhole: 6 dead as bus falls into the ground and explodes

CHINA: At least six people died as a bus falls in China Sinkhole. Sixteen people have been injured.

A huge sinkhole swallowed a bus full of people killing six and injuring sixteen. The sinkhole swallowed a bus full of passengers and pedestrians in central China.

The incident took place in Xining, capital of Qinghai province on Monday evening outside a hospital.

Ten more people are reported to be still missing.

The CCTV footage showed people at the bus stop running as the ground opens up to swallow the bus.

Several people on the bus and pedestrians disappeared inside the enormous sinkhole. The footage also showed the incident triggered a huge explosion inside the hole.

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The sixteen injured have been taken to the hospital. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

The search and rescue are underway. The CCTV footage read the time of the incident. It showed the incident occurred at 5:30 pm on Monday evening.

The state media reported a large sinkhole opened on Nandajie Street in the city of Xining. The sinkhole swallowed a public bus and passerby causing an explosion. It reported six people died and fifteen were injured. Ten people are reported missing.

They also reported Nandajie Street is a very busy street and heavily trafficked. The rescue is still underway.

The footage of the incident showed people gathered at a bus stop outside Great Wall Hospital in Chengzhong District.

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Several people on the street fell into the sinkhole as it continued to spread. The collapse was followed by an explosion. Heavy smoke coming out from inside of the hole is also visible.

Shanghai-based news service The quoted a municipal employee saying as among the injured was a boy who saved a child from danger. He helped a few others before falling into the hole.

The sinkhole was 80 square meters (860 sq ft) in area.

The number of passengers on the bus is not known.

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