Christchurch Mosque Victims: Faces of Fifty Martyrs

NEW ZEALAND: The horrific mass shooting at the Christchurch Mosque claimed the lives of fifty worshipers. Here are the names and faces of all the Martyrs of the Al Noor Mosque.

Christchurch Mosque Victims: Faces of Fifty Martyrs

Mucad Ibrahim,
Mucad Ibrahim,

The youngest victim Mucad Ibrahim was only three-years-old. Little Mucad went to Al Noor Mosque with his father and brother Abdi Ibrahim for his Friday prayers.

His brother ran out of the mosque as fast as he could and his father played dead after being shot. Both survived the tragic incident but Mucad lost his life.

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Abdullahi Dirie, another very young worshiper went to one of the mosques with his four older siblings and his father. His was only four years old.

His uncle, Abdulrahman Hashi, 60, a preacher at a mosque in the US city of Minneapolis, have said his brother-in-law called him from hospital to deliver the sad news.

The father Adan Ibrahim Dirie and four children are safe and alive..


Naeem Rashid who is being praised as a hero lost his life trying to save other worshippers.

He fought bravely with the gunman trying to snatch away his weapon at Al Noor Mosque. Naeem was badly injured and later passed away in the hospital.

Naeem Rashid, the teacher hailed from Pakistan, He worked as a banker in Abbottabad before moving to Christchurch.

His 21 year old son was also martyred.


Talha Rashid also died in Al Noor Mosque shooting. He is the son of Naeem Rashid. Talha was in the same mosque with his father.

The family had moved to New Zealand when Talha was just 11 years old.

Friends said he had just started a new job.


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Junaid Ismail owned a shop. He has left behind three little children, a wife, mother and a twin brother.

His twin managed to escape the with his wife.

Junaid and his family owned a dairy, a local convenience store.


He died trying to save another worshiper. His son said his father Daoud Nabi threw himself in front of other worshipers to protect them.

The 71-year-old was killed in Al Noor mosque.

The family had moved to New Zealand from Afghanistan in the 1980s. His son Omar his father helped the refugees start a new life in New Zealand.

He also founded a mosque and was the president of a local Afghan association in Christchurch.


Year 10 pupil Sayyad Milne, 14, died at An Noor Mosque shooting. He was at the mosque with his mother.

Sayyad Milnes mother escaped the shooting alive.

His brother was on a school trip at the time, while his sister was in class.

He loved football and had a dream of becoming an international footballer one day.

His father John Milne said: “I’ve lost my little boy, he’s just turned 14.”


The 33-year-old was a goalkeeper for New Zealand’s national men’s futsal team.

His wife Farah had recently given birth to their baby daughter Aya.

Atta Elyyan was a Palestinian who was born in Kuwait.

9. Lilik Abdul Hamid – Age 58

Lilik Abdul Hamid was from Indonesia. He worked for Air New Zealand as an engineer.

The father of two was living in New Zealand for past sixteen years.

Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon said: “His loss will be deeply felt by the team.”

10. Suhail Shahid – Age 35

Pakistani national Suhail Shahid was reported missing after the attack. Later Pakistan Foreign Ministry confirmed he was killed.

11. Haroon Mahmood, 40

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of Haroon Mahmood.

Quaid-i-Azam University said Mr Mahmood completed his Masters from the Department of Biochemistry there.

12. Ansi Karippakulam Alibava, 25

Ansi Karippakulam Alibava was only 25. Originally from India was at Al Noor Mosque.

13. Syed Jahandad Ali, 34

Syed Jahandad Ali, 34, confirmed dead by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry.

His wife, Amna, revealed how she last spoke to him from Pakistan on Friday morning, just hours before the shooting.

14. Husna Ahmed, 44

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Husna Ahmed from Bangladesh a mother of one led women and children to safety in Al Noor mosque.

Farid Ahmed escaped the mass shooting in his wheelchair.

He said Hosne Ara Parvin, was shot as she came back for him:  “She was busy saving lives, forgetting about herself.”

15. Ali Elmadani – Age 65

Retired engineer Elmadani was the father of two. a retired engineer. He was worshipping at the Al Noor mosque.

He and his wife had moved to New Zealand from the United Arab Emirates in 1998.

16. Zeeshan Raza – Age 38

Mechenical engineer from Pakistan

Zeeshan Raza, his father Ghulam Hussain and mother Karam Bibi died in the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

The family was worshipping at Linwood mosque.

His parents were visiting him in New Zealand. Zeeshan is survived by a sister who lives in Pakistan.

17. Ghulam Hussain – Age 60s

Ghulam Hussain and his wife Karam Bibi were killed along with their son Zeeshan Raza in Christchurch attack.

The family was worshipping at Linwood mosque.

18. Karam Bibi – Age 60s

Karam Bibi, her husband Ghulam Hussain and son Zeeshan Raza died in the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

Three members of the same family were killed in Linwood mosque.

19. Syed Areeb Ahmed – Age 27

Twenty seven year old Syed Areeb Ahmed, was from Karachi, Pakistan.

The chartered accountant had moved to New Zealand for work.

20. Tariq Omar – Age 24

Tariq Omar’s mum drove her son for Friday Prayer. She then drove around for parking when she heard the gunshots. She drove back only to see bodies. She waited for hours in the hope of finding her son.

Christchurch United Football Club said he was a “much loved” coach of junior teams and social football player.

Academy Director Colin Williamson described him as “a beautiful human being with a tremendous heart and love for coaching”.

21. Mahboob Haroon – Age 40

Mahboob Haroon, from Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad, was also killed as confirmed by Pakistan foreign ministry.

22. Hussein Al-Umari – Age 35

Hussein Al-Umari was originally from Iraq, he had lived in Abu Dhabi and then moved to Christchurch with his family in 1997.

He worked in tourism, and he loved traveling.

23. Amjad Hamid, Age 57

Amjad Hamid had emigrated from Palestine 23 years ago. He was a heart doctor, he was always smiling and beloved by his patients.

Cardiologist Amjad Harmid was a senior doctor in the coastal town of Hawera, in New Zealand’s North Island, who is survived by a wife and family.

24. Farhaj Ahsan, Age 30

Farhaj Ahsan was originally from India.

He is survived by a wife, three-year-old daughter, and seven-month-old son.

The software engineer settled in Christchurch after studying at the University of Auckland.

25. Kamel Darwish, Age 38

The Palestinian national had moved to New Zealand six months ago. He is survived by a wife and three children. His wife and children waited for him in Jordan till he found work and home so he could send for them.

26. Abdel Fattah Qassem al-Dakka, Age 60

The Palestinian Authority Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed the death of
Abdel Fattah Qassem al-Dakka

27. Osama Abu Kwaik, 38

The Palestinian Authority Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed the death of Osama Abu Kweikin Christchurch.

28. Hamza Mustafa, Age 16

Hamza Mustafa, 16, had moved to New Zealand to escape war-torn Syria. He was hoping for a better life.

His father Khaled Mustafa was slain in the attack too.

29. Ashraf Ali, Age 61

The Fiji Times reported Ashraf Ali was a ‘loving and caring’man who was shot dead at Al Noor mosque.

30. Mathullah (or Matiullah) Safi, Age 55

Matiullah Safi originally from Afghanistan was “martyred” in Christchurch. The country’s ambassador to New Zealand Wahidullah Waissi confirmed.

31. Khaled Mustafa, 45

Khaled Mustafa had moved to New Zealand a few months to escape war-torn Syria.

He along with his 16 year old son Hamza were both killed in Al Noor Mosque.

Mr Mustafa his survived by his wife, Salwa, and their son Zaid, 13, who survived the attack.

32. Mohammed Imran Khan, 47

Mohammed Imran Khan owned Indian Grill restaurant in Christchurch.

The restaurant, which has closed until further notice, has been flooded by messages of sympathy on its Facebook page.

He had moved from India

33. Linda Armstrong, 65

Linda Armstrong was born in New Zealand and converted to Islam in her 50s.

A warm soul who had adopted a boy from Bangladesh.

A Grandmother who fought Islamophobia.

She is reported to have died protecting others from the gunman at Linwood Mosque.

34. Musa Vali Suleman Patel, 60

Musa Vali Suleman Patel was Imam of Fiji Jam-e-Masjid. He was in Christchurch with his wife to see his son.

35. Arifbhai Mohamedali Vora, 58

Arifbhai Mohamedali Vora was from Gujurat, India. He was visiting his son Ramiz Arifbhai Vora in New Zealand. Both were killed in the attack.

36.Ramiz Arifbhai Vora, 28

Ramiz Arifbhai Vora had become a father a week before he died.

He and his wife reportedly had just welcomed a baby daughter.

His father Arifbhai Mohamedali Vora was visiting him in New Zealand from Gujurat, India when the attacks took place.

Both were killed.

37. Ashraf al-Masri

Ashraf al-Masri was the Father of two Primary School Children. He worked at a Shop in Riccarton. His Body is transferred to his Egyptian Homeland.

38. Ozair Kadir, 24

Ozair Kadir, originally from India, was an aviation student. He dreamed of becoming a pilot like his brother.

He died in the massacre at Al Noor mosque.

39. Mohammed Omar Faruk, 36

His friend Monir Hossain said his friend Mohammed Omar Farouk was shot dead at point-blank range.

He died at Al Noor Mosque.

40. Mohsin Al Harbi, 63

A moving photograph of a wounded Mohsin Al Harbi on an ambulance stretcher outside Al Noor pointing at the sky swept the world.

The Islamic gesture is an expression of unity with Allah.

Saudi immigrant to New Zealand. He was the 50th victim who died in the hospital.
His wife, survived the attack, but she suffered a heart attack due to stress as she searched for her husband

41.Munir Suleiman, 68

Munir Suleiman worked in Christchurch as a Design Engineer and Quality Manager. A Colleague describes him as a loving Person. The 68-Year-old Regularly travelled to his Native Egypt with his Wife Ekram

42 Ahmed Jamal Uddin Abdul Ghani, 68 years old

Egypt’s Ministry of Emigration named Ahmed Jamal Uddin Abdul Ghani, also 68, among the Egyptian victims.

43. Maheboob Allarakha Khokhar, 65

Maheboob Allarakha Khokhar was visiting his Son in Christchurch. He was about to fly back to India on Sunday. He was murdered at the Masjid Al-Noor.

44. Hussein Moustafa, 70

Accountant Hussein Moustafa, 70, reportedly moved to New Zealand from Egypt in 1999.

45. Muse Nur Awale, 77

Muse Nur Awale had moved to New Zealand 30 years ago. He was Somali national.

46. Mojammel Hoq, 30

Mojammel was from Bangladesh, had moved to New Zealand three years ago. He was studying Dentistry. In September, he wanted to return to his Homeland to marry his Girlfriend and open a Dentist’S Office for The poor. He only turned 30.

47. Abdukadir Elmi, 70

48. Muhammed Abdus Samad, 66

Abdus Samad worked in Bangladesh as an Agricultural Scientist. He moved to New Zealand with his Family in 2013. He was a Visiting Professor at Lincoln University. His Wife, Kishowara Begum, was Also murdered. They leave behind two Sons.

49. Name suppressed

One victim’s name has been suppressed by the New Zealand courts in the initial stages of the justice process. 

The first murder charge laid against the suspected gunman relate to this victim’s name.

50. Zakaria Bhuiyan – missing feared dead

Zakaria Bhuiyan moved to New Zealand from Bangladesh. He is missing since the attack.
He worked as a Welder at an Engineering Firm and had recently married in his Native Bangladesh. He was waiting for a Visa so his Wife can visit him

His friends in Christchurch have been appealing for sightings of him.

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