Error in Cloudflare network causes major internet outage

Many major websites around the world went down as part of an internet outage after error in the Cloudflare network which was confirmed by the company’s CEO Matthew Prince.

Internet Outrage Cloudflare
Error in Cloudflare network cause major internet outage.

Which was thought to be an attack that caused an internet outage turned out to a Cloudflare router in Atlanta that caused bad routes across their backbone according to a Tweet made by Mathew Prince.

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This affected some portions of the Cloudflare network causing major websites around the globe to go down. However, the problem was identified and services were restored.

Cloudflare says that they have made configurations to make sure this does not happen again

Some of the services that were affected include Discord, Patreon, Feedly, Shopify and even League of Legends which all remained down for at least an hour. In some instances even status pages used to track outages were down.

The downtime was exactly 27 minutes at Cloudflare’s end and internet traffic fell by 50 percent during that time from different regions. However Cloudflare has confirmed that they have made appropriate configurations to ensure this is not happen again.

There were many reports at first about the whole global internet outage being the result of a denial of service (DNS) attack however the company confirmed that this was not the result of an attack.

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