CNN stopped doing news a long time ago, they do Trump: Larry King

LOS ANGELES: The Legendary news anchor Larry King gave his take on the midterm election 2018 results to RT America. King talked of an election, and a president, like no other.

Larry King said that the media’s non-stop focus on Trump has fueled the current climate of division in America.

Deeply disappointed Larry King shares his views about today’s cable news in America. 

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“CNN stopped doing news a long time ago, they do Trump,” King said.

Fox is Trump TV, and MSNBC is anti-Trump all the time.”

“Donald Trump does not have a bruised ego,” King said. 

“His ego remains constant. If he’d have lost the Senate he would have blamed the world.”

Midterm Elections 2018 America – Larry King 

“This was an election for or against Trump,” King said, adding “there’s never been anything like this in history.”

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