Coronavirus death toll hits 1,018 with 43,138 registered cases

Several senior officials in China have lost their jobs because of their handling of the situation as coronavirus death toll hits 1,018 globally with 43,138 total cases registered so far.

coronavirus death toll china
Coronavirus death toll reaches 1,018.

So far the majority of deaths have been inside China recorded at 1016 with 974 of them in the Hubei province alone.

Steps are being taken to control the situation and robotic sprayers have been developed to disinfect heavily crowded urban areas.

Hubei Province in China is home to Wuhan City where the virus is said to have originated.

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Two deaths have been reported outside of China with one in the Philippines and the other one happening in Hong Kong which has the second highest number of cases globally. Singapore comes in at third place with 45 cases.

There were 103 deaths in recorded in the Hubei province just on Monday however, overall number of infections is said to have dropped by 20% according to a BBC report.

As of right now 4,284 people have recovered and left the hospital.

Meanwhile hundreds of trucks were dispatched to spray disinfectants overnight in Luoyang, China and other parts of the country.

You can view updated and live information about the numbers here.

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