Couple gets intimate in back of Official UN Car in Israel

A video of a couple getting intimate in the back seat of an official UN car in Israel started circulating online sparking outrage among locals and the United Nations (UN).

The couple can clearly been seen having sex in a white car with official UN markings in a very public area in Israel and the involved persons are believed to be the staff members of a peacekeeping organization.

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The United Nations (UN) said that the matter is being investigated and assured that the individuals are close to be identified. However, according to UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, it is still uncertain that the incident was among an actual couple or involved payment.

Dujarric also said that such behavior strictly against everything the UN stands for and they have been working hard to fight such conduct among UN staff memebers as it breaks policies of sexual misconduct.

However, he said that staff found in violation of such policies are discipline and even banned from performing peacekeeping operations but further legal action is always in the hands of their home nation.

It is expected that the investigation will be quick and action will be taken at the earliest.

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