Over 1200 humans were massacred in Al-Ghouta (Syria) by the enemies of humanity. Most were women and children. The world is silent becuase these children are not Jewish or White Americans or British citizens, as the blood of the rest is very cheap. It is clear that the “International Community” is waiting for Assad (and Hezbollah) to finish the job quickly. Imagine if these images came out of the US, Europe or Israel, the whole world would have been up in arms. Why then the world doesn’t do anything when these children are suffocating to death? When will the Muslims wake up? Ya Allah strengthen our hearts against our enemies, ameen. The silence of local Pakistani media and International media condemable.

Please watch the footage and ask yourselves some serious questions



The number of martyrs due Chemicals shelling has risen to 1270 thus far, and includes dozens childrenn and women
400 martyrs in Zamalka, 300 in Hmourih, 60 in Douma,150 in Kafr Batna, 75 in Ain Trma, 105 in Mouadamiyeh and Daraa, 69 in Saqba, 63 in Erbeen, 16 in Jsreen, 5 in Harasta
addition to hundreds of injuries and it should be noted that the number of martyrs is increasing due to the acute shortage of medical staff and medicine..

Chemical attack is very well timed with UN inspection.
A. UN team isn’t allowed to investigate
B. UN presence provides propaganda narrative
So Assadists can claim “Fake because Assad wouldn’t attack in UN visit”, whilst UN is actually useless and can’t do anything. So on the contrary, the best time for Assad to chemically strike was actually during UN visit. Shows how pathetic the UN is.

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