Powerful Earthquake hits Turkey 14 dead 300 wounded

ISTANBUL: Powerful 6.8 Magnitude earthquake hits eastern Turkey, At least fourteen people have died and 300 wounded as many are stuck inside the rubbles, in the eastern province Elazig province of Turkey on Friday night.

Reports of buildings collapse after the powerful earthquake struck, rescue mention is underway as many are trapped inside the rubble.

The quake hits the eastern region of Turkey at around 6 pm GMT (9 PM Local Time).

Turkey Earthquake hits during the live program on Edessa TV broadcasting in Sanliurfa city.

Turkey earthquake: 14 dead 6.8 magnitude quake reported

In the Initial report, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu confirmed four people have been killed however Disaster and Emergency Management Authority has confirmed fourteen death tolls feared to rise.

The earthquake was felt in the neighboring countries in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran so far no reported from Israel and Palestine.

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