Elephant Trample Crowd In Sri Lanka Injuring Seventeen People

SRI LANKA: The footage was captured by local news outlet which showed an Elephant trample the crowd in Sri Lanka. Seventeen people have been reportedly injured in the incident.

According to local news the incident took place in in a street Kotte during a parade on Saturday. Atleast 17 people were badly injured as when two elephants went amok and trampled the crowd.

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The police have reported among the injured 12 were women. The footage show as one Elephant ran amok, it resulted in another Elephant going on a rampage.

The footage showed an elephant with lights attached to its trunk. A man was riding the elephant. Suddenly the elephant starts running amok. He tries very hard to hold on the distressed animal but he loses balance and falls off to one side. The man, unfortunately, was caught under the animal’s foot.

The parade footage also revealed the elephant running away from the crowd and injuring people watching the procession.

Elephant Trample Crowd In Sri Lanka

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As the elephants cause distress, performers and spectators are seen running for their lives.

The Police said ” Kotte Rajamaha Vihara Temple street pageant which took place on Saturday, during this parade agitated elephant ran through the street and injured seventeen people. Twelve women and four men were taken to the Kalubowila and Sri Jayewardenepura hospitals and being treated.

Kotte Rajamaha Vihara Temple street pageant

Esala festival of Kotte Rajamaha Vihara

Esala festival of Kotte Rajamaha Vihara takes place annually in the month on Esala. The event has great cultural and historical significance.

The event starts at a 600-yeay-old Buddhist temple. The event attracts and entertains locals and tourists every year.

The event takes place in the hill capital of Sri Lanka and is followed by many such events throughout the country.

It is not clear what spooked the animals, or caused them to run amok.

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