Explosions in Shopping District in Changchun China: One Killed

CHINA: Explosion in Shopping District in Changchun China has killed one and injured many.

A series of explosions were heard around 16 O’clock on Friday afternoon in Changchun Wanda Plaza building.

The propaganda office of the Changchun Municipal Communist Party Committee has revealed that the case is being treated as “a criminal case”

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According to official statement the explosion started with when a car burst into flames in the underground parking area.

It was than followed by a series of explosions from the apartment building.

Explosions in Shopping District in Changchun China: One Killed

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The footage show terrified people running for their lives with smoke coming out from the building.

Pedestrians can be also seen running from the shopping center screaming in horror.

Series of explosions can also be seen some high in the building and some at the ground level.

Some residents testified they saw explosives being thrown from the building. However it has not been confirmed by the authorities.

The videos shared showed blasts which could be counted up to fifteen to sixteen times.

Chinese authorities claim only two blasts one in the car and other in the building on the thirtieth floor.

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However New York Times reporter Austin Ramzy has reported of counting over seventeen blasts over a minute and a half apart.

He has also twitted the video.

His video also show a series of blasts from the building and people fleeing the scene.

He has also said some explosions were just like firework and some were much louder and he counted 17.

The shopping center is owned by China’s richest man, Wong Jianlin.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and people are being urged to stay away from the area.

A criminal investigation has been opened.

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