Female Passenger Assaults Uber Driver

SYDNEY: Uber driver Asim Zulfiqar said he has never experienced anything like that before in his life. Footage of assault of the Uber driver by a female passenger has emerged in Sydney.

Uber Driver Asim Zulfiqar was waiting for his passenger on the agreed pickup point late Sunday night. A spot outside Kings Cross bar.

The footage is without audio; Asim Zulfiqar claims the passenger was already angry when she got in the car. She got in the car already swearing as she was not happy he was not at the exact pickup point.

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Footage from the dashboard cam shows Zulfiqar pushes back only after the woman starts hitting him.

The woman is also seen trying to get off after spitting on Zulfiqar face. Zulfiqar reacts back and hits her on the face.

He says it was completely a self-defense, all he wanted was her to get away from him.

He also stated that his intention was not to hit her but just to push her away.

The female passenger did not stop even after she was informed she was being filmed and started hitting the front seat.

Female Passenger Assaults Uber Driver
Female Passenger Assaults Uber Driver

“She was saying you’re a piece of s—t, you are a moron,” Zulfiqar said.

Female Passenger Assaults Uber Driver
Female Passenger Assaults Uber Driver

After three minutes of frenzy, the woman gets off. Zulfiqar was afraid she might damage his car so he gets off the car as well. She grabbed one of his phones before getting off.

When he was outside she threw it into the shop window.

Zulfiqar now is going through mental trauma and also has one sore eye and he is very upset due to the whole incident.

Zulfiqar has said this is not a good thing to happen for anyone, he is just trying to earn some money for his family.

The incident has been reported to police by Zulfiqar. Uber said they “have investigated and taken appropriate action”.




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