Meet Yasmeen Al Maimani, First Saudi Female Commercial Pilot

SAUDI ARABIA: Meet Yasmeen Al Maimani, the first Saudi Female commercial Pilot.

She obtained her aviation license from the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority six years ago.

Yasmeen Al-Maimani has now become first Saudi female pilot in commercial airlines.

She had completed 300 hours of flying practice in the United States.

Before obtaining her flying hours completed he got her qualifications from Jordan.

In 2013 she had converted her American license to a Saudi one.

Yasmeen Al Maimani is the First Female Officer with Nesma Airlines.

The Airline operates flights to various locations in Saudia and Egypt.

Women are working in the aviation sector in Saudi Arabia in different departments and at different levels.

Meet Yasmeen Al Maimani

Since last year women can be seen working at customer service, air traffic control, air transport, termination of travel procedures, and administrative works.

Yasmeen Al Maimani however is the first female who have managed to pave her ways to become the first female commercial pilot.

In an Instagram post she wrote with joy for making a history.

Officially First Female First Officer in KSA Elhamdullah. Never cared about the title but this for people who run after fame and titles, never underestimate others ….. lesson

Alhamdulillah achieved my dream today” Released as First Officer ”

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Saudi Aviation jumps led by women, have made Saudi Arabia captain pilot # Aasameen_almimna dream led her first official airline flight in the Kingdom as an assistant pilot of an aircraft type ART flight between Qassim and Tabuk. , 6 years after obtaining the aviation license from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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