French Minerve Submarine Found After 50 Years

FRANCE: French Minerve Submarine has been found after almost fifty years.

The Minerve Submarine was carrying fifty-two sailor when it went missing on January 17, 1968. The wreckage of submarine was discovered off the southern French port of Toulon.

Defence Minister Florence Parly wrote on Twitter on Monday after Minerve Submarine was found.

We have just found the Minerva. It’s a success, a relief and a technical feat. I think of the families who have been waiting for this moment so long.

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Several search efforts were made over the period but all the attempted had failed to locate Minerve.

Ms. Parly had launched a new search mission in early 2019 to locate the submarine following the request from the family members of the deceased sailor.

A private search vessel has located the french submarine. French naval official told the news agencies that the discovery was made by a boat belonging to private US company Ocean Infinity.

The French naval officer also said Minerve was located 45 kilometres (30 miles) from Toulon at a depth of 2,370 metres (7,800 feet).

The 1960s was a very risky and deadly for the submarine crew as accidents were in abundance and were reported from all corners of the world.

The cause of the accident Minerve Submarine was never found. The families who deceased now hope to find the answers.

The experts speculated many causes some of which included:

  • A problem with its rudder,
  • A collision with another boat,
  • An explosion of a missile or torpedo,
  • A fault with its oxygen supply systems.

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Initial Reports

The initial reports established that the Minerve Submarine could have had rudder problems before sinking.

It disappeared around 7.55 am while being engaged in an exercise with a military aircraft.

It failed to appear the next day causing an alarm.

French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau used 20 boats, helicopters, aircraft and even a diving vessel but all efforts failed to locate Minerve Submarine.

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