Global coronavirus cases surge past 2 million

The global coronavirus cases have surged past 2 million with over 128,000 deaths and United States has the most number of cases as well as the highest death toll.

The United States alone has over 614,000 coronavirus cases that makes up over 30 percent of the global cases as well as over 26,000 deaths making up over 20 percent of the global death toll.

Global coronavirus cases
Global coronavirus cases surge past 2 million.

The US recorded its highest daily death toll of over 2,200 on Tuesday and that might be even higher if you include the probably deaths by lung disease that the state of New York released with its revised number.

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Spain has the second highest number of coronavirus cases with over 177,633 although it is nothing even close to that of the US. The death toll in Spain is the third highest and recorded at 18,579 and the country has seen a significant decrease in the number of daily deaths.

The third highest number of coronavirus cases are recorded in Italy with over 162,000 while the country has the second highest death toll at 21,067 and has seen a over a thousand deaths on a daily basis however, there has been an improvement in the daily deaths as well as new cases being reported.

France has recently seen a huge surge in the number of coronavirus cases which are over 143,000 now and the number of deaths which have reached 15,729. The country was reporting over 1,500 deaths daily however, there has been an improved and decline in the daily number however, the number of new cases is still quite high.

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