Global Warming: Carbon dioxide levels hit all time high in human history

Global warming is a real problem that countries are now affectively trying to solve but need to work harder in order to make a difference. Greenhouse gases were rising exponentially in 2018 and the recent report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Monday states that carbon dioxide levels have now hit an all time high of 407.8 parts per million (ppm).

Global Warming
Global Warming being caused by greenhouse gasses as a result of human activity.

Earth didn’t this high of a concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since 3 million years ago when the temperature was 3 degrees Celsius above the current average and sea levels were 20 meters higher than they are today.

This report has been released and there is a UN Climate Change conference that starts on December 2nd and is aimed at discussing global warming and the rise of these greenhouse gases.

The report clearly states details that there are three main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causing the climate change and global heating. These main gases are Carbon Dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide. When these greenhouse gases remain in the atmosphere they are able to trap heat thereby raising temperatures. These greenhouse gases remain in the atmosphere for long periods by themselves and the higher the concentration of these gases get, the more affective they get at trapping more and more heat.

Pep Canadell, a climate change scientist and director of Global Carbon Project at Austrailia’s CSIRO says,

I can tell you they’re going to go up next year and the following one and then the next decade and the following decade,” and “It’s not until you bring those emissions to zero, that you can begin to inspire stabilization in the atmosphere.

On December 4th,The Global Carbon Project will be releasing the report detailing where this greenhouse gas is being generated the most and how we can bring about change to lower these emissions.

According to scientists this is a real threat and it threatens species with extinction with the rising temperatures.

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