Gold Toilet Stolen From Blenheim Palace Was Worth 5M Dollars

ENGLAND: An Eighteen Carat Solid Gold Toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England was worth 5M Dollars.

Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill was born here.

Blenheim Palace have twitted

” The Palace will now be shut for the rest of the day. Further updates will follow. “

“If anyone knows or saw anything suspicious in connection with the event that may help us secure its return please contact Thames Valley Police.”

” The investigation continues, but it will be business as usual from tomorrow, so visitors can continue to come and experience all we have to offer. “

“It’s therefore a great shame an item so precious has been taken, but we still have so many fascinating treasures in the Palace and the remaining items of the exhibition to share. “

Inspector Richard Nicholls addresses the media following a burglary from Blenheim Palace.

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Thames Valley Police have informed a gang broke into The Oxfordshire Palace at about 04:50 BST and stole the artwork.

The gold toilet was fully functional and was entitled “America”. The visitors had been invited to use it.

A sixty-six-year-old man has been arrested, but the gold toilet has not been found yet.

The Police have also informed “The burglary caused significant damage and flooding because the toilet was plumbed into the building.”

The toilet was installed in the Blenheim Palace as an exhibit by an Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan titled “Victory is Not an Option,”

Detective Inspector Jess Milne, said the offenders used at least two vehicles during the offence. The Gold Toilet is not recovered yet but investigation in underway. The man arrested is in police custody.

About The Gold Toilet

It was made in 2016 by Maurizio Cattelan. It was made to represent wealth and excess of America, and spent a year on the 5th floor of the Guggenheim, installed for museum visitors to use. and spent a year on the 5th floor of the Guggenheim, installed for museum visitors to use.

In 2017 it was offered to President Donald Trump. Last year Donald Trump had asked Guggenheim Museum in New York if it could be displayed in White House.

Upon asking why Cattelan was offering his art work to Trump, his response was “What’s the point of our life? Everything seems absurd until we die and then it makes sense.”

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