Hairdresser uses an umbrella to keep a distance from her clients

HOLLAND: A hairdresser in Holland has come up with a novel idea to keep a distance from her clients. She is using an umbrella as a protective gear.

The images of hairdresser styling her client at Balla Rosa Salon in Oss, north of Eindhoven, Holland are going viral on social media.

The hairdresser is seen wearing an umbrella with two holes for her arms and two for her eyes while attending to her client while she manages to cut her hair.

Another image shows she has cut open one extra hole for her mouth as she used the thread to deal with the eyebrows.

Her bizarre innovative idea has been shared over 82,000 times on Facebook alone.

Posted by Bella Rosa on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Her protective gear also includes a pair of gloves to maintain her distance in the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The video clip shows her ingenuity and can be heard laughing while carrying out her work.

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With global coronavirus outbreak business are being closed all across the world to stop the spread of COVID-19, this hairdresser has come up with a brilliant idea to protect her self and keep her clients happy.

Let’s hope the shield of umbrella keeps her safe from the deadly virus.

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Some are praising the hairdresser for her brilliant idea while some think it’s better to postpone such spending on hairdo until after the crisis.

Someone also joked and said only this hairdresser is open.

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