Hanged baby son: Arisa Udsanee wanted to stay out with friends

THAILAND: Arisa Udsanee a 14-year-old mother hanged her baby son because she wanted to stay out with her friends.

Arisa Udsanee belongs to Bueng Kan, Thailand, she hanged her one-year-old, son because she got angry when her parents scolded her for spending to much time with her friends and living the toddler home with them.

The corpse of little Thanapat was found by the neighbors all covered by ants near her home.

Vile Arisa Udsanee, 14, has admitted to hanging her baby son because she wanted to take revenge from her parents and wanted to party with her friends.

Arisa has been arrested by the police and she also reconstructed the hanging of little Thanapat by hanging Winnie The Pooh toy.

Vile Arisa Udsanee, told the police, she had left her son with her parents and went to stay with her friends for three days. She had ridden her father-in-law’s motorcycle.

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She scolded and slapped by her father upon her return, which hurt her feelings.

She took her son and went to her neighbor, 21-year-old Charinthip Nuengsit. She let them stay in her backyard cabin.

Arisa Udsanee after crying and thinking about what to do with her and her son’s life decided to end little boy’s life. She tied a noose and hung him.

She called her friend to pick her up after hiding the body under the pram.

She was arrested when she went back to see the body.

The neighbor found the body

Her neighbor Charinthip Nuengsit said later on the same night someone came to pick her in a motorcycle, she told Charinthip Thanapat was also leaving with her.

The body of the baby son was found by Charinthip when she went in Cabin on Wednesday, hidden under a pram.

Arisa also said she resented how her baby son kept her from going out and spending time with her friends.

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Arisa’s mother statement

Arisa’s mother Penprapha Prakarapang giving a statement said, her daughter always went out with friends without returning home for several days. She always left her son behind with them. This time she has caused a big problem for the family.

Her husband could not go to work for three days because she took the motorcycle and they were very upset because of that.

She also said murdering of her son is unforgivable.

Arisa Udsanee will go to jail

Since Arisa Udsanee hanged her baby son and admitted to her crime, she will be punished according to law. She will have to spend 15 to 20 years in jail.

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