Ilyas praised for stopping the burning of Quran people boycotting Telenor

NORWAY: Ilyas is being praised for stopping the burning of the Holy Quran and now people are boycotting Telenor.

Ilyas is being praised and called “Real Hero of Muslim Ummah”, “Muslim Hero” and “Defender of the Holy Quran”.

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The video of Ilyas went viral

The video of Ilyas went viral and has been spreading on social media like a wildfire.

The video showed a man burning a copy of the Holy Quran in Norway in an anti-Islam rally last week. The group carrying out the act goes by the name ‘Stop the Islamisation of Norway’

While the rally is being witnessed by many people, suddenly Ilyas can be seen jumping over the fence and starts kicking the man burning the Holy Quran.

Since the video went viral Ilyas is being praised and called “Real Hero of Muslim Ummah”, “Muslim Hero” and “Defender of the Holy Quran”.

DG ISPR also took to Twitter to salute the brave Ilyas for the courage he showed. He also said in his tweet “Such Islamophobia based provocations only promote hatred and extremism. Islamophobia is a threat to global peace and harmony.”

Shahid Afridi, former Pakistani cricketer also showed his concern and tweeted

Religious intolerance is one of the biggest issues facing the entire world today. I request the Norwegian Government to step in immediately on this matter that has affected the sentiments of Muslims globally. We must be united to overcome intolerance & live peacefully #Norway

Boycott Telenor Movement Across Pakistan

After the incident of Norway people all over the country have started boycotting the Telenor company as it is a subsidiary of Norway-based Telenor Group

Wikipedia defines Telenor Pakistan as “Telenor Communications is a wholly-owned company of Norway-based Telenor Group and offers mobile telephone services under the brand Telenor”

Laiba Haider shared her broken Telenor sim and said ” Just a Little bit Contribution”

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Stop Islamisation of Norway

Stop Islamisation of Norway is a Norwegian organization that aims at working against Islam. This organization was established in 2008. The history of this group goes back to 2000.

The leader of this organization is Arne Tumyr, a former Norwegian journalist, politician, newspaper editor and former leader of the organization Stop Islamisation of Norway.

This organization has thousands of members and supporters.

UPDATE: Telenor Pakistan issued an official stance on the situation by condemning the act while asking everyone to respect every religion

Telenor Pakistan condemns acts that disrespect any religion. Operating in a Muslim country, we express our deepest concern over this act and encourage everyone to embrace one of Telenor’s key values of being respectful.

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