INCPak Site attacked by Indian Hackers

Independent News Coverage Pakistan – INCPak website once again attacked by the Indian Hackers, 130 AM PST till 530 AM PST, INCPak is one of the leading Independent Source of Information which newly introduced Kashmir Category highlighting the issues which Kashmiri people are facing.

INCPak is completely Independent and what ever we publish is double check the source authentic and reliable, around two weeks back Indian Authorities banned INCPak website in Jammu & Kashmir which was restored after the talks.

In Past the site been attacked before as well, My Message to Indian Hackers by attacking the site like this, don’t think  you will make us silent or force us not to publish,  we are many and we are well organised to face such situations and we know very well how to retaliate, personally I was expecting such cheap attacks, If there is  any of the post which is published here on INCPak is false or wrong contact via email rather than attacking like kids.

It is highly condemn able, there is no check and balance by the Indian Authorities what their kids are doing, such a shameful act.

Independent News Coverage is not just expending but becoming more lethal day by day after going through such attacks, INCPak wouldn’t stop what it has already started, If anyone is in the doubt that we are against INDIA then you better Google up and see we were the first one to post about Delhi Gang Rape story before your leading news sources and we condemn such acts against humanity,  Any News Site is the source of Information for the public masses by attacking it, you wouldn’t invade Pakistan but such attacks you are showing that INCPak has made a difference.

INCPak Stands bravely with our Kashmiri brothers and will publish the truth from the valley where the entire world shows the ignorance and neglected the facts.

Farhan Imaan


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