India takes Pakistani ‘PIA Balloon’ into custody in occupied Kashmir

In a weird turn of events, neighboring India has taken a ‘PIA Balloon’ into custody in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOJ&K). The authorities have reportedly begun an investigation over a balloon with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) markings.

PIA Balloon, India Balloon, Pakistani Balloon
India takes Pakistani ‘PIA Balloon’ into custody in occupied Kashmir.

According to an Indian news agency, the ‘PIA Balloon’ with green and white markings was found in the Sotra Chak Village in Hiranagar Sector of Indian Occupied Kashmir on Tuesday.

Following the discovery, the residents of the area raised alarm and alerted police about a Pakistani balloon with PIA markings crossing the border after which authorities took the plastic balloon into custody and started an investigation into the matter.

The Pakistan ‘PIA Balloon’ was reportedly floating in the air (something balloons are designed to do) and ended up crossing the border to Indian Occupied Kashmir through air current creating massive chaos and worry among residents and law enforcement, who showed bravery and took the balloon into custody.

It is pertinent to mention that India also arrested a pigeon some time back after it flew and reportedly crossed the border from Pakistan raising alarms in the country.

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