Indian politician mocked for saying Indian cow milk contains gold

INDIA: Indian politician, West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh is being mocked on social media for saying Indian cow milk contains gold.

Attending a programme in Burdwana district he said the color of India cow milk is yellowish because it contains gold.

Justifying his claim he went on to explain “The Indian cows have humps, which foreign cows don’t. The foreign cows have straight back like a buffalo.”

Going further with his theory he said “The India cows hump has swarnanari a gold artery. When sunlight falls on it, gold is made.”

That is why the texture turns yellow or golden. He also said the milk contains preventive properties and a person can live on this milk alone without consuming anything else.

His controversial statement was aimed at people who ate beef at road side. He said some intellectuals eat beef on roads, and asked them to eat dog meat too as he thinks their health will remain fine whichever meat they consumed. He said eat at your homes.

Speaking to the news agencies he said killing cow and consuming its meat in India is a crime. Cow is our mother, and if anyone misbehaved with my mother, will be treated the way they should be.

The netizens however have found this statement funny and are mocking the logic of Dilip Ghosh. The twitter is flooded with mocking comments. here are few of them

Now he will decide who eats what and where, like he pays for it. tell him to keep his bigotry at home.

this is the state of our nation. ppl with such mental development become public leaders who are supposed to lead in building the nation! they exist in every party but of late the bjp seems to be having extra numbers of them.

India’s ruling party Bengal chief reportedly said: “A feature of the Indiancow is that its milk contains gold. That’s the reason the colour of the milk is yellowish” Ok, so my cousin sister is getting married, I know what to give her for jewellery

This is the sorry state of affairs that BJP is in. Uncouth, uneducated, bungling buffoons seem to be teeming everywhere. Sadly the majoritarian populace is content with them.

Kal se “O Dhudhwaale Bhaiyaa, 2 Tola Gai ka Gold Dena”

Find out who is his science teacher

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