Indonesian Police Use Snake To Interrogate Papuan Man

INDONESIA: Indonesian Police has come up with new method to interrogate suspects. The police uses snake to scare a Papuan man to get confession.

The footage has appeared online while the police officer is trying to interrogate a mobile thief.

Indonesian police have apologized for their interrogation method of using a snake to terrify a suspected thief.

The incident was recorded in the eastern Papua region.

The thief is seen handcuffed and terrified of the snake draped around him.

Officers can also be seen laughing while an interrogator drapes the animal on a screaming man.

The suspect is believed to have stolen mobile phones.

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The local police chief admits that the practice was not professional.

The chief however defended their interrogation practice by saying the snake was tame and non-venomous.

Jayawijaya police chief Tonny Ananda Swadaya said in a statement

“We have taken stern action against the personnel,”

He also said the suspect was not physically abused by the officials. The officers took their own initiative to get confession out from the thief.

They justified the police action by saying it eventually led to the alleged thief’s confession.

The words being spoken out by the officials in the video translates to a threat to put the snake in the suspects mouth and down his trousers. At one stage the man is being ordered to open his eyes as well.

The incident is going viral on social media one wrote saying

Is this how your officers been trained to treat other human beings? Huh I was about to feel sorry about the recent earthquake in Bandung,

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Another one tweeted

Police in Papua is launching an internal investigation against an officer in Wamena, Jayawijaya who used a snake to solicit a confession from a suspected thief. Despite apologizing, police maintained that the snake was not venomous and praised the “technique’s” effectiveness.

Human rights lawyer Veronica Koman’s tweet highlighted similar incident that took place on 9 January 2019 when Sam Lokon, a member of West Papua National Committee, was also tortured with a snake in Jayapura.

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