Iran launches missiles on US facilities in Iraq

According to reports, Iran launches missiles on the US facilities in Iraq as a response to the killing of it’s top military general Qassem Soleimani early Wednessday morning.

Iran launches missiles at al-Asad military base targeting US facilities.

The attack was done by the Revolutionary Guards Corps at the Ain al-Asad military base in Iraq according to the Iranian State Television.

A second base was also reportedly attacked near the Erbil airport.

Based on Iraqi military’s statement, Iran launched 22 missiles and 17 of those aimed Ain al-Asad base and 5 of them were targeted coalition headquarters in Erbil.

According to the statement, the 17 missiles targeting the al-Asad base did not go off.

President Trump made a tweet about the incident saying:

He said that the assessment of the damage was going and went to mention that the the US military is “the most powerful and well equipped” in the word.

Trump although said that he will be making a statement in the morning.

Muhammad Javed Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister also made a statement on Twitter.

In his tweet he said that Iran was taking “Proportionate measures in self-defense under Article 51 of UN Charter” and also said that Iran does not “seek escalation of war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression,”.

The Iranian State television said that 80 “American terrorists” were killed although no evidence of the claim was provided. They also reportedly cited a Revolutionary Guards Corps source saying that another 100 US facilities were under target in such case that the US takes any other action.

A senior Iran official told their television that these attacks were the “weakest” of all responses that could have been.

Although according to other sources, the US says that there were little to no casualties.

According to the Pentagon, more than a dozen missiles were launched at the US facilities from Iran. A Pentagon spokesperson said:

We are working on initial battle damage assessments,

We will all take all necessary measures to protect and defend US personnel, partners and allies in the region.

According to news sources, the US already expected a retaliatory response from Iran following their General’s Killing. where Defense Secretary, Mark Esper told the new:

I think we should expect that they will retaliate in some way, shape or form,

further adding:

We’re prepared for any contingency. And then we will respond appropriately to whatever they do.

House speaker, Nancy Pelosi made a tweet saying that safety of the US troops in the region should be ensured as well as avoiding any “needless provocations” from administration.

She also said that “America and the world cannot afford” another war.

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