Islamic State Baghdadi ? No Thanks….

It appears that ISIS have ‘established’ and ‘revived’ the Islamic Caliphate in Iraq.

This is the same group that spent the last year killing Muslims almost exclusively, ‘liberating’ lands that were already under Muslim control and reversing most of the gains the Muslims of Syria made against Bashar al-Assad. They have now moved into Mosul, a war zone that is not under their control, and they somehow declared it as their Islamic state.

This is the same group that hijacked the Sunni uprising in Iraq and are now using it for their own selfish agenda. Lets be clear on one issue, the uprising in Iraq against the shi’a has hardly anything to do with ISIS. This was an uprising and rebellion started and pushed by the tribes and Sunni fighters of Iraq. No person or group have any right to hijack their pain and suffering and use it to their advantage.


While ISIS were committing atrocities against Muslims in Syria there were rumours that they were secretly supporting Bashar al-Assad. Whether that was true, Allahu Alam. But it is very bizarre that ISIS have decided to make this announcement at a time when Sunni rebels in Iraq are gaining control of major parts of the country. This news will now inevitably cause problems and confusion with other Sunni fighters in Iraq, who are fighting the central government of Nouri al-Maliki and not trying to establish ISIS’ so called Islamic Caliphate.

Thank you for your generosity Mr Baghdadi, but no thanks.

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