Israel strikes 140 Gaza targets [Exclusive Video]

The IDF has conducted another series of air strikes against at least 20 alleged Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, after the militant group fired over 150 projectiles into southern Israel.

“IDF fighter jets targeted over 20 terror sites in military compounds and in a Hamas training camp. Among the sites targeted were a weapons manufacturing and storage facility, a complex used for the Hamas naval force and a military compound used for rocket-launching experiments,” the IDF said Thursday morning.

A pregnant woman and her toddler were among three people killed by Israeli fire, the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed. The victims – identified as Enas Khammash, 23, and her 18-month-old daughter Bayan – were killed in the Jafarawi area of central Gaza, according to AFP.

The Israeli military said it was forced to respond to an ongoing barrage of missile fire coming from the Gaza strip. Throughout the course of Wednesday and early hours of Thursday morning, Hamas fired over 150 projectiles into southern Israel, forcing the IDF to initially conduct 12 raids on the Palestinian enclave. More raids were then ordered after Hamas failed to stop their belligerent activity.

The IDF remains on high alert and said it is prepared for a variety of scenarios. “Hamas is responsible and bears the consequences for the ongoing events,” the military reiterated.

While sirens continue to sound off in southern Israel, the Iron Dome managed to intercept 25 launches out of an estimated 150 fired by the militants. The city of Sderot saw the most action throughout Wednesday, with at least four projectiles landing there.

The rest of the missiles are believed to have landed in uninhabited areas. At least 19 people so far have sought medical help related to the attacks. Among the latest casualties is a 30-year-old foreign worker from Thailand who suffered severe injuries to her chest and limbs, Times of Israel reports.

Wednesday’s cross-border escalation is believed to have started after an IDF tank struck Hamas posts in Gaza, in retaliation for an attack on a vehicle involved in the construction of a barrier along the border.


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