Israeli warplanes bombarded the Gaza Strip last night.

“Israeli warplanes bombarded the Gaza Strip last night. Including Rafah, The East of Gaza, Khan Younes and Al Westa. Two martyrs were reported.”

There’s something so called Logic which each one of us must understand, what do they call terrorism and what not is the fine line which needs to be understood. If we all act like Dead ones having all the resources — It is our right to spread awareness and to  inform the masses,  read below and you will agree.

When America takes 1 million lives in Iraq for oil: Not Terrorism

When India kills 5 lakh people in kashmir:Not Terrorism

When serbs rape muslim women in Bosnia: Not Terrorism

When Russians kill 200,000 chechens in bombings: Not Terrorism

When jews kick out Palestinian and take their land: Not Terrorism

When American drones kill entire family in Pakistan nd Afghanistan: Not Terrorism

When Israel kills 10,000 Lebanese civillians due to 2 missing solidier: Not terrorism

when muslims retaliate and show you How u treat us, its Terrorism??

Their atrocities have increased over the years and so has their vehement efforts to curb muslims in the vicinity. It is not because that they have superior military power, nor is it because of their immensely versatile intelligence agencies. It is because of our silence and ignominy that we give a deaf ear to. We have been sitting on our asses with remorse, having forums to discuss over the cruelties and inhumane nature, crime committed by Israeli forces over the strip. Yet no efforts and made or voiced locally or internationally. The so called United Nations stance, Saudi Arabia our saviour, NGO’s worldwide – have yet to come up with an excuse for this occupation.

In the light of the same, please find below a post which will require only a minute of your attention and probably will make a difference. Atleast prevail/elevate from your position, be a human than a muslim for once and voice your thoughts.

Make a difference

Activists from different part of the world , have been working together against War on Syria.
They have seen with great sadness and dismay that many people  specially on the “left” have lost their compass  and blindly siding with the  aggressors, from USA hypocrite Obama  to shameless Hamad, Erdogan  and Abdualla. They are aiding in destroying Syria and  inflicting catastrophic destruction against Syria and its people.
So, they need your help  in singing and distributing  this petition.
1) Our petition is now online.

2) To read the petition and sign it, please click on the following link:

To add your signature, please go the end of the page (after the text of the petition) and complete the required information.
3) Please help us distributing this petition as widely as possible, Post it on your face book and send it to all you friends.

In Solidarity for Justice and Peace,

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