Istanbul’s historic Vanikoy Mosque damaged by fire

The historic Vanikoy Mosque located in Istanbul caught fire on Sunday and although the Turkish firefighters put out the blaze, the structure was severely damaged.

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Istanbul’s historic Vanikoy Mosque damaged by fire.

Built in the 1665 by Turkish scholar Vani Mehmet Efendi during the reign of Ottoman Ottoman Sultan IV Mehmed, the wooden mosque is located on the Asian side of Istanbul along the Bosporus Strait.

According to the details, the fire at the Vanikoy Mosque in Istanbul originally broke out at 1030 GMT and it took firefighters working from both land and sea to extinguish the blaze.

However, the timely efforts by the firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to the forest behind the mosque or engulfing neighboring houses along the Bosporus Strait.

Istanbul Fire Department took to Twitter confirming that the fire was extinguished and cooling efforts were underway.

The Vanikoy Mosque is a wooden structure with a single minaret and the exact cause of the fire has not been released but an investigation into the matter has been launched.

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