Italy Prison Riot: Six dead over coronavirus restrictions

ITALY: Italy prison riot broke out over coronavirus quarantine crackdown killing six. The fatalities are expected to increase.

Eighteen others are being treated in hospitals.

The riot broke out at 27 prisons in Italy over new restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus.

A prison riot started on Sunday afternoon around 2 pm local time in the city of Modena.

According to the Italian newspaper Corriere di Bologna, six inmates have been confirmed dead. The number is expected to grow.

The prison riot started when sixty inmates set the prison on fire as an attempt of mass escape. The mass escape, however, was a failure.

The mass escape is said to be inspired by the latest ‘coronavirus’ quarantine crackdown. The quarantine crackdown is in relation to the protection against the deadly virus. The inmates have been told they will not have any visitors during the quarantine.

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San Vittore prison

Part of San Vittore prison was set on fire after they were told visits have been suspended. The prisoners protested on the roof and later set the prison on fire.

Sant’Anna prison

In the city of Modena, three people were reported dead in Sant’Anna prison. Three others died while being taken from there.

Prison in the southern city of Foggia

About twenty inmates managed to escape from the prison in the southern city of Foggia. Many of them were recaptured.

Several other riots were also reported in other prisons in northern Italy, Naples and Rome.

Fatalities likely to rise

While six have been confirmed dead, it is feared the number may rise further. Many prisoners were badly injured in the fighting. Many prisoners have reportedly overdosed on medications like methadone and benzodiazepine. The inmates raided the prison hospital and stole al the methadone and Xanax they could find.

No one escaped

According to local news, no one managed to escape the prisons. According to the local news agencies, the law and enforcement agencies intervened on time and prevented the escape of 500 detainees.

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Deaths are due to drugs

The prison administration has confirmed that the deaths are due to the use of drugs that were stolen from the prison hospital. One died of opioid substance, the second one due to benzodiazepines, while the other was found in a cyanotic state. The three others died after being transported to other prisons after the riot.

radicalmente antieuropeista : In fact: look what happens to #CarcereFoggia #Foggia#PrigioneFoggia . 6 dead and 50 escaped at 10.49am

Il Mattino di Foggia: Not so: the 6 dead are in several Italian prisons, a #Foggia there was no death and the few detainees who tried to escape were arrested.

Italy worst-hit country after China

Italy is the worst-hit country after China. Over 463 coronavirus deaths are confirmed in Italy. Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in all twenty regions of Italy. The total number of infections are now 9,172. Under quarantine rules, up to 16 million people cannot travel without permission.

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