Philosopher and Scholar Javed Bhutto, Shot Dead in Washington

WASHINGTON: Pakistani philosopher and intellectual Javed Bhutto was shot dead on Friday outside  convenience  store in Southeast Washington

The sad and painful incident was the result of neighborhood brawl.

Javed Bhutto the husband of journalist Nafisa Hoodbhoy and brother-in-law of eminent Pakistani physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy hailed from Shikarpur Sindh.

Before moving to United States he served as an Assistant Professor of philosophy at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro. 

According to the Washington Post, the DC police has arrested the 45-year-old Hilman Jordan, and charged with murder.

The Express Tribune has quoted that the family sources have revealed the attacker Hilman Jordan lived on the ground floor of the same building Javed Bhutto lived.

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The culprit was a heavy drinker and often very loud and noisy. Mr. Bhutto had recently registered a complaint against him with the building owner.

The Washington Post has reported Mr. Bhutto was shot at 11 am outside the store from a very close range.

The tragic death of Philosopher and Scholar Javed Bhutto is widely mourned across Sindh. Politicians, writers and members of intelligentsia express their grief and sorrow while demanding justice for the loss of family.

Tweets are pouring in to mourn the sad demise of Jawed Bhutto

Ali Rind a Journalist and writer Tweeted:

Sindh mourns loss of great teacher, Great mind, Intellectual friend Jawed Bhutto murdered in Washington DC by an alcoholic criminal. He had been head of philosophy Dept in Sindh University. A sad day for his family, friends and pupil.

Owais Tohid wrote

The murder of friend Javed Bhutto in Washington has shaken people across Sindh. He was a philosopher, political activist who fought for democracy during Zia era. Great loss. Fond memories of kucheris where we used to have heated debates

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Javed Soomro tweeted:

Such a painful and shocking morning. Just found out our friend and Nafeesa Hoodbhoy’s husband Jawaid Bhutto’s been murdered in Washington DC. He was such a sufi soul with great wisdom and knowledge. We had endless discussions when i was in DC. Sindh lost a gem

In my over two decades of association with #JavedBhutto i never seen him rash or angry. He was a man of reason so the killer must have been a complete bonkers to have targeted such a humble man. #RIPJAWAIDBHUTTO

Justice For Javed Bhutto

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  1. Just the latest in the never-ending tidal wave of black hostility and violence. When we will start challenging reporters and public officials on their continual propagation of the greatest lie of our generation: The myth of black victimization and relentless white racism?

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