Justice for Skromane: Raped, Beheaded and Hanged In India

INDIA: Her decomposed headless body was found hanging upside down from a tree on April 21, 2018. The suspects are still free on bail after committing such a gruesome crime. Stand together for Justice for Skromane.

Liga Skromane’s husband an Irish man Andrew Jordan traveled to India last Thursday for a court hearing. He was horrified to find that the two accused of rape and murder failed to show up at the court.

He said their absence means further delay in the trial. Next hearing is set for June 12. During the hearing of June, the accused will be read their charge sheet and a trial date will be set.

This could mean the trial may start in 2020.

Liga Skromane had gone to Kerala for Ayurvedic treatment of depression on Feb. 3, 2018.

She went missing on March 14.

She was being treated at the Dharma Ayurveda Healing Centre in Kerala’s capital of Thiruvananthapuram.

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About a month later her decomposed body and detached head were found hanging upside down from a tree.

She was found on April 21 at a mangrove forest close to a popular beach at Kovalam.

Two suspects Udayan 24 and Umesh 28 were arrested last May and bailed to appear in court on April 11.

According to police the suspects are drug peddlers and one of them has sexually abused men and women in the past.

Her funeral was held in Thiruvananthapuram

Manoj Abraham, the inspector general of police in Thiruvananthapuram had told the reporters the suspects had hanged Skromane by the tree to make it look like a suicide.

When the body decomposed head fell down.

According to police statement the doctors report wrote the cause of death as
 “blunt injury sustained on the neck.”

Police also told the reporters the autopsy report did not confirm rape as it was difficult to find out as the the body badly decomposed.

Manoj Abraham however told the reporters that they had “circumstantial evidence confirming rape.”

When Skromane went missing from the healing center in March. the manager of the center had told police she had gone in an autorickshaw to Kovalam, a popular beach destination.

Justice for Skromane

Andrew Jordan has said

 “It’s been almost one year since Liga’s body was recovered.”

“We were promised that Liga’s case was being fast-tracked but the hearing just to set a date for the trial has been postponed already. It’s ridiculous.”

“I try not to let it get to me but the delays just prove that it’s not really being taken seriously.”

“The defense are using the usual tactic of delaying the case. It’s so frustrating.”

“The two accused are alleged to have confessed to the crime.”

“We were told that the police have an airtight case against them so why are they allowed out on bail?

“It’s a total farce.”

Mr. Andrew Jordan is probably right, or not probably but definitely right, the legal system is such that it will be delayed again and again.

A day will come when Mr. Jordan be so frustrated and worn out that he will stop fighting. Getting justice is not that easy in this part of the world.

Udayan and Umesh must have raped and murdered many more while on bail. They will keep doing it because they know their way out.


Wake up India please for your own daughters, sisters, wives and for every women.

Fight for Justice for Skromane today and save your daughter and sisters.

Rape is a worst crime of all. We need to fight this together.

Start the campaign Justice for Skromane

Dear India, please help Mr. Andrew Jordan. Help him get justice. Save your India.


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