Kashmir: Banned Students Union Condemns Desecration, Killings

Srinagar: Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) vehemently condemns the desecration of Quran and subsequent massacre of Muslims in Gool, Ramban by Indian forces. The incident is a testimony to the deep seated hatred that Indian occupation harbours towards the Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir and their faith. The massacre in Ramban also brings to fore the countless massacres that India has carried out across Jammu and Kashmir since 1947, especially the massacre of three lakh Muslims in Jammu.

Kashmir University Students Union stands expresses heartfelt condolences with the families of those martyred and injured by the inhumane actions of occupational troops in Ramban. The Muslims of Jammu division and indeed the whole of J&K have been an integral part of the freedom struggle and have given huge sacrifices. Our future lies together, in a J&K free from Indian occupation.

Massacres by Indian forces are cordially backed up the puppet administration, bureaucracy, police and Indian media. The whole occupational setup is put to use in conducting massacres of Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir and concealing them.

Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) calls upon the Muslims of the world to stand up and take notice of the oppression and tyranny the Muslims of J&K are being subjected to by India. Faith and lives of Muslims of J&K have never been secure under Indian occupation and the insecurity is only increasing every day. Desecration of copies of Quran has been a regular feature of occupying forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and other Muslim lands and now Jammu and Kashmir is yet another example of it.

KUSU appeals the Muslim countries to shun their India-appeasing policies and for once stand with their brethren in occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

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