Today marks the sad passing of one of the greatest legends in the history of rock music Kurt Cobain. It has been 19 long years since Kurt has been gone. Though he may not be with us physically, his presence is felt through his music in the lives of his many fans, old and new. His legacy continues to grow as more and more of the younger generations are discovering the musical genius of NIRVANA .

I will always remember the very first time I heard NIRVANA over 20 years ago, I was hooked instantly, completely blown away by their music. Their sound was awesome, something fresh and yet somehow nostalgic and familiar to me. I was so thankful to NIRVANA for kicking the crap out of the dry stagnant music scene of the late 80’s hair band era. Kurt became an instant rockstar, which eventually became overwhelming to him. With much sadness I remember the day Kurt died, that day will forever be burned into my memory.

His many fans were filled with both shock and sadness world wide. Some of them even took their own lives because they were so grief stricken. Kurt really did represent the misfits and underdogs in society, which is why so many people were drawn to him and his music. Even though many new and talented musicians have come along since his death, I think that they have all fallen short of capturing the raw genius that Kurt had. I feel like when he died, he left a giant hole that nobody has been able to or will ever fill.

My wish for all of you in remembering Kurt, is that instead of mourning, you would choose to celebrate. Celebrate the fact that we have all had the privilege of being touched and inspired by this amazing man and his music. So for today my fellow Cobainians, crank up the volume and listen to one of the greatest bands of all time NIRVANA.
In memory of the Late Great KURT COBAIN.

Peace Love Empathy

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