Lara Hall Lured to Pakistan Held Captive, Starved and Raped

AUSTRALIA: Lara Hall, thirty year old from Australia was lured to Pakistan ended up as captive. She was tortured, starved and raped daily.

Lara Hall is a law graduate who was promised a fairy tale ending flew to Pakistan after being charmed by a man named Sajjad from Lahore.

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As reported by mirror she met Sajjad on internet through friends from Lahore. Sajjad wooed her by telling her she would live in a Spanish Style Villa and he would fulfill her lives desires.

Lara Hall who already came from a dysfunctional family and she suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), fell pray to his lies.

She flew to Lahore Pakistan last year on his brother’s wedding to see if their relationship could turn to real thing. To her dismay the truth of Sajjad’s lies emerged as soon as she reached Lahore.

Lara Hall was taken to a filthy house with five rooms where twenty people lived. Over the few weeks Sajjad also admitted to his lies about the villa.

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After the truth emerged her torture began, she could not escape Sajjad as her visa had expired and was threatened she would be arrested if she left the house.

She was raped on multiple occasions and his brother also attempted the same ill act.

She was raped and even kept in starvation. She was also forced to convert to Islam which she refused.

Lara Hall tried to contact the Australian consulate but their response was not futile. Some how she managed to contact chief executive of an elite private members’ club for diplomats and the armed forces via Facebook.

Dr Kaiser Rafiq managed to rescue Lara as she was being kept against her will.

She is now safe and back in Australia.

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