Prostitution is nominally legal in Lebanon. Officially, Lebanese law requires that brothels be licensed, a process that includes regular testing of workers for disease. However, in an attempt to gradually eliminate legal prostitution in the country, current government policy is to not issue new licenses for brothels. As a result, most prostitution now occurs illegally.Women in prostitution must be registered7 and must undergo medical examinations.8 To be registered, women in prostitution cannot be virgins, and they must be over the age of 21. Brothels are permitted, provided that they are owned by a woman over the age of 25 However, brothels must be located in specified areas and must be separate from all neighboring buildings.“Secret prostitution” and streetwalkers are prohibited.

Lebanon is a country of destination for women trafficked from a number of African countries (particularly Ethiopia and Kenya), as well as from Belarus, Bulgaria, Madagascar, Moldova, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine. Lebanon is also a country of transit for trafficking of victims from the Middle East to Turkey. There is also internal trafficking in Lebanon.

night-culb-BeirutTwenty minutes north of Beirut, in the Christian heartland of Lebanon is Jounieh, the country’s little Las Vegas, where dozens of “super nightclubs,” Lebanon’s equivalent of strip clubs, line the main street

The majority of prostitutes in Lebanon emigrate from neighboring Arab countries such as Iraq, Syria, Morocco, and Egypt. Some come from Eastern Europe and Russia as well. Those prostitutes working in adult clubs are closely monitored by the Sûreté Générale—the border control agency. Their residency permits do not exceed six months, and they are deported if they are caught overstaying their permits. Most prostitutes in Lebanon enter the country knowing that they will be working in adult clubs.

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