On the 14th October 2012, I posted Malala Mystery? on Faree’s Weblog, back than I didn’t had this platform which I am using right now Independent News Coverage Pakistan – INCPak. I received  many comments and emails replies most of which were critics but I always welcome the critics just because hardly out of all those people had any idea about how big mess Malala is.

There’s no height of Insanity and no limitations – True because Pakistanis are born to be fooled by politicians and their tactics ” Dirty Tricks ” such as MALALA !


Malala Yousafzai treated by army doctors

Malala got shot from POINT BLANK RANGE by TTP Fellows along with her 2 more friends she was air lifted to UK with in a week while two other girls from which 1 named Shazia was also in ICU for several weeks but media didn’t bothered to report anything about her specifically, Since our Government & Pakistan Army only supported Miss Malala, She became the center of attraction and the most imported figure left on the surface. Her courage story hope you all must be aware of I don’t want to mention that here but let’s Dig in and Nail it the story.

Malala and Madonna Story

Madonna POP Music Icon – in her Concert spoke about her, now that was one of my question how many Pakistani Girls been shot or died in suicide attack She became the first ever Universally well know pop artist speaking about somebody hardly people knew back in her home town, apart from Madonna’s statement about Obama half Muslim which was controversial, let’s stick to the topic Madonna on the stage and got the Malala Tattoo on her back?

madonna-malala-3-269x300She said: ‘The 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot on a school bus for writing a blog about how important education was to her. The Taliban stopped her bus and shot her. Do you understand the sickness and absurdity of this?

She rallied the crowd by shouting at them to support education and those who help women.

But then the millionaire decided that this performance clearly was not a strong enough statement, and chose to ‘dedicate’ a strip tease to the girl, who is currently in a critical condition.

She turned her back to reveal ‘Malala’ written across it,


Specially Pakistan and someone who has a good record of messing with Islam Religion as a Musician, ( MADONNA ) I guess people have short term memory loss issue, I think they are forgetting  The Track ( Erotica ) This Track is Banned because It has Azaan in the background  mean while there are couple of videos in which Madonna standing on Quranic Verses ! Videos were banned in Islamic Countries although Youtube is Banned ( Rehman Malicly ” Officially ) but I would suggest you to check out listen to Erotica and watch the Videos to confirm that does she really give a damn about Malala or Muslim or Talibans. How on God’s Green Earth Madonna would speak for Muslim Girl? to me it doesn’t make any sense If it does to you let me know.

Just Incase If you don’t know the Timing of the Azaan in Erotica

3:54 to 4:12 you can hear the Islamic prayers played beneath the main tune.

malala-yousufzainow that’s the closest image I could get from the Internet where she got the bullet, Let’s look at another image of Malala and see if you can notice, I personally think Girl is well trained for the photography session.


I am not even concerned with the lie ( Point Blank Range Bullet but the Drama which messed My Country’s Image world over. Malala was clean Setup, by high profiles already and there is no doubt in that, Government and Pakistan Army did what ever they had to while keeping her in focus ( Media ) behind the curtain God only knows what was going on !

Malala-ReadingFrom the very first beginning before Pakistani People weren’t aware of the upcoming Block Buster Malala Mystery she been preparing guidance of her Father with United States high profile leads? She was writing for BBC Blog? O Really ! well her English isn’t that good as her writings which means there was someone doing the inside job!  Guess Who?  Daddy  Daddy Cool !

Her Father finally got the Job in Embassy who was working for an NGO here in Pakistan since years digging the tunnel to get the hell out of here, I must say Malala’s Father and Family should be award with Oscar fucking award ! since speculation were roaming around about her Nobel Peace Prize ! What the Fuck ….

This Images on which I asked 3 Questions back than, Have a look at the image than we continue discussion


These were the 3 Questions asked

1. Why Malala is in meeting with her parents with US delegates ?

2. Why she had Internet access Wireless one in rural area where hardly children have access to Internet? by US Officials

3. Why Madonna had MALALA written on her back ?

Dr. Nayyar Kazmi’s comments on Malala Mystery post on October 25, 2012

Dear Farhan,

Personally belonging to and living in an area known to be the ground zero for an extremist ideology, i know the importance of Malala in this whole saga. Malala is a teenage school girl. Her father works with the Swat Office of an Islamabad based Policy think tank NGO. Earlier in 2009 Mullah Fazlullah, local cleric, who also happens to be son in law of the defunct and banned TNSM, the Sufi Mohammad led group, banned female education in entire Swat region. Malala at that time used to blog using the PTCL Vfone EvDO based internet service. She used to express her opinions on the bbc website.

People used to comment on her blogs as many westerners were quite perturbed as to what was happening in Swat. Later when Army led operation returned Swat to normalcy, she openly came out criticizing Taliban retrogressive and fanatic policies. she was awarded a national medal for her brave stance, which irked the Takfeeri Talibans.

In the picture, she met Richard Holbrooke and pleaded the case of reconstruction of hundred of girls schools destroyed by Taliban in Pakistan. This meeting took place in American Embassy in Islamabad and was attended by USAID officials because the aid money is channeled through USAID. The woman shown in the picture is not Malala’s mother but rather an official of the Islamabad based NGO that her father works for.

Now the rest….. As far as Madonna Malala tattoo is concerned, it is a publicity stunt by Madonna as she is famous for doing these things alike our Meera and Veena Malik style. She was shot at point blank by a terrorist. However the bullet luckily didin’t pass deep inside the brain and just skimmed the skull bone, fracturing the left mandible bone, passing through muscles of neck and landing inside the left scapula bone. She was just put on ventilator so that her brain gets rest and swelling arounfd the brain tissue because of the ballistic effect of nearby passing bullet gets healed. Because of the security threat she was air lifted to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth hospital.

Now she might be just the ordinary girl, but this incident has become a symbol of resistance against the takfeeri ideology of mostly Deobandi/ Wahabi/ Salafi based Taliban.

One Sensible Comment ( reply ) by the doctor makes logical sense !

Today’s News Malala Yousafzai has been given the Freedom of Expression Award in London. Malala’s father Ziauddin Yousafzai received the award.

No Offense ! But I personally call her Mean Bitch and she is not the daughter of Pakistan, She showed her middle finger to the millions here in Pakistan while continued living a life she always wanted in UK ! I seriously don’t get the people, at one hand daily killings in karachi / Drones in Waziristan and given importance to one mean bitch .  If she can get the award of Fucking the Freedom with Expression so as I, I am not bound either, just look at her lavishing life style now !


Didn’t I showed you the Middle finger ! Pakistanis …… !

Who so ever is sympathize with her, Is not Patriotic what so ever happened was just to mess up the name of my Motherland Pakistan and This Bitch played the major key role in it. I don’t respect her because Now Bitch is on her way to School in United KickAss ! Thank God She’s not coming back and she doesn’t deserve Pakistan at all, In short  Fuck off …



  1. The first step to solving a problem is identifying the problem. Its quite obvious that you are ignorant like millions of Pakistanis who live far away from the battlefield. I cannot talk about my service in Pakistan due to security reasons. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

  2. Taliban were not the creation of Pakistani People but Pakistan Army ( Zia ul Haq ) I think you better ask his son or Army Officials why the hell they been using Pakistan for their personal gain mean while fail to protect homeland security every time.

  3. Trust me we were better off US and kindly please fix your countries issues such as health care bill and other before you butt into others problems, 9/11 had nothing to do with pakistan but than again My Nation been paying the price when you all know saudis were flying or knocked down your NYC Twin Towers than why making Pakistan's name dirty OSAMA asshole wasn't Pakistani nor any of the terrorist involved in 9/11 , beside Malala issue I have mentioned

    • Lets not get sidetracked…The subject here is Malala and your opinion about her. Instead of standing with her cause and fighting against fundamentalism, you are accusing her of betraying Pakistan because she got an asylum in the UK. A quick reminder: Pakistan as been receiving US AID since 1950s. On the other hand your neighbor India's economy is on track to outpace China. May be you guys can learn a few things from your two neighbors.

      • Thanks for the reminders, actually the problem is with United States administration no matter republicans or democrats both are two faced snakes, Pakistan got independent in 47 from United Kingdom and 58 became the slave of new boss ( USA ) not my fault actually, as far india is concerned capitalism isnt the formula in the name of democracy which would work for Pakistan, let's not forget US had problem with Soviet's since 80s and they been sniffing around since than, Pakistan Army and the Government are Slaves of United States Admistration not the people, neither am i against the American people at all about Malala I have cleared my point of you and you have a right to agree or disagree me being here in Pakistan know what she did and why government and Army support ONLY her why not anyone else, more than 45,000 people has died ( WAR ON TERROR ) Pakistan , which isn't our War but lead by US for your homeland security none of the funds has ever reached any person who been effected I know United States is helping but corrupt government as well as the Army has bigger stomach can easily swallow anaconda twice daily. unfortunately in any of these mess neither you as American nor me as a Pakistani got to do with the wrong policies and picture they portrays on media since media has the power " Tabloid Junkie " that's why I have choosen a bit different and for the Pakistan first time An Independent source of Information and I am willing to coordinate with each one who is willing to unveil the truth. hope you are on my side on this ( Against Media and Government's Policies ) Rest we have no personal conflicts .

        • I understand you are entitled to your opinion. Thousands of incidents happen every day but only few make it in the news and out of those few one get attentions to make a change. Malala is that cause. Now you can support that cause and show the world that you are against terrorism and fundamentalism or stick to the stereotype of being a Paki Terrorist. The choice is yours….

          • I know my choice very well and I am not a terrorist for your kind information, 2ndly DO NOT call any Pakistani Terrorist for no reason we haven't bombed anyone's ass like Nuked or blown off buildings , Yes we do have a choice and clear one but I wouldnt want to support Malala at any cost because they defamed my country's image and name, which hurt the pride of millions and I stand before millions of Pakistanis via INCPak. you are believing what media has taught you without going further deep in it, its like I say anything about country or your hometown not knowing the facts and the figure, wont be more than just barking, again I must that I stand with the people and there is no hatred for the americans so do not call me or my countrymen terrorist because I take it very seriously.

  4. This article is absurd. I will spare you the time of reading a 6 graders argument. According to the blog/rambling above this was a planned setup where Malala would get shot and go through skull repair surgery, so she could get asylum in UK where Pakis are treated worse than the excretion I took this morning. The reality is US has a special interest in bringing Pakistan out of the 12th century and unchaining (not liberating) woman is one of their priorities. I am sure you would have seized the opportunity and done the same.

  5. I dont understand one thing , why we mix "Special" people with ordinary ones ?????????????

    In history either Islamic or other worlds , we have seen that popular people or the people who were relatives of some know personalities always give more value that the ordinary people.

    We have a lot of examples of this. Obviously i must not quote the incidence of " Karbala" here which we observe each year why because they were known personalities ??? What about others who were killed there ?? Do we remember them ??? Many women in Pakitan (Punjab) are killed by throwing acid on their faces , is this humane ???? Not at all , but because they are ordinary women so we just forget about them. If we think everyone has equal rights then why we dont give all of them equal importance ????

    People of outside world are more mature they give importance to every person who is on their side or support their ideology. They are not like us who forget the "Beharies" who betray Bangalies for the sake of West Pakistan , but we dont give them place here to live !!!

    Infect "Taliban" are not against Pakistan they are our friends but they are misunderstood , misled by our own people , we created them and now we are fighting them , killing them , why ????


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