Man and Wife Confess to killing 20 Women

MEXICO: Wife Patricia confessed to luring women to their house of monstrosity. Man and his Wife Confess to killing 20 Women. The man identified as Juan Carlos while pushing a pram full of human remains was arrested who confessed to a killing spree in Mexico. The victims were also used as pet food.

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Mexico state Attorney General Alejandro Gómez has stated the couple was investigated following the reports filed relating to the disappearance of three women in Ecatepec in April, July, and September this year.

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos

The couple was arrested on Thursday after leaving their house in Ecatepec. Ecatepec is a densely populated municipality in greater Mexico City which is notorious for crimes including femicides.

Investigations also suggest the three missing women were somehow related to the couple. One of the women disappeared with her two-month-old baby.

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Juan Carlos has confessed to the murder of 20 women. According to the reports Juan Carlos wife Patricia lured the victims to their house under the pretext of showing them cheap clothes, mobile phones and wine for sale.


As the victims came inside the couple’s home Juan killed the women and along his wife, Patricia cut them into pieces and disposed of in a nearby empty plot or burn them.

Juan Carlos also admits to slitting the victim’s throat and using the body parts as pet food after having sex with the corpses. He also said he used their skin as a mix for plant fertilizer.

The couple also admitted to selling the missing two-month-old baby, reportedly for 15,000 pesos (US $800).

The police suspect murder of at least 10 women by the couple but Juan Carlos has confessed of killing 20 women in a Sunday Court hearing.

According to Psychiatrists tests has shown Juan Carlos suffers from personality disorder and has been labeled as a psychopath. The wife Patricia also had been born with a mental illness. The reports, however, revealed both were able to differentiate between right and wrong.

Juan Carlos has also admitted that he started this killing spree in 2012.


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