More Than 20 killed, Dozens Injured in Mexico Road Accident

Mexico: More than twenty people have been killed and dozens injured in Mexico Road Accident.

Trailer and bus carrying passengers collided erupting into flames.

The accident took place on the mountain road of Veracruz highway at eastern Mexico.

Most of the victims were pilgrims belonging to the south state of Chiapas.

They were returning from their trip from Roman Catholic Shrine in Mexico city.

More Than 20 killed, Dozens Injured in Mexico Road Accident

According to the officials the incident occurred on Wednesday at 10:25am.

Officers present at the scene have reported one of the vehicles lost its brakes going down hill.

Both the vehicles collided and over turned.

Both were caught in the fire.

Most of the passengers died being trapped inside the burning bus.

Two present in the trailer also died.

The forensic experts have revealed:

Authorities have said the number of fatalities may go higher. The thirty five injured are in very critical condition.

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The Catholic Archdiocese of Tuxtla Gutierrez, in Chiapas, sent its condolences to the victims’ loved ones in a statement.

“We deeply regret the deaths caused by this accident and share in their families’ overwhelming pain,” 

Mexico News has reported Paramedics from Ciudad Mendoza, Orizaba, Ixtaczoquitlan and Maltrata attended the crash scene.

The victims were immediately transported to different hospitals located in the area,

The firefighters extinguished the burning vehicles. The highway was closed afters the accident from both the sides.

  List of injured in Mexico Road Accident presented by Milenio

  1. Eloisa del Rosario Castillejos Pérez, 57 years old
  2.  Nuria Guadalupe Díaz Trejo. Age: 47
  3. Manuel López Ramírez. Age: 65 
  4. Margarita Marina Cardona. Age: 52 
  5. María del Carmen Montejo Teco. Age: 39 
  6. Atilana Montejo Teco. Age: 42 
  7.  José Luis García García. Age: 65
  8. María de Lourdes Martínez López. Age: 65
  9.  Guadalupe Muñoz González. Age: 61
  10. Josefa del Rocío Mejía. Age: 60
  11.  Eduarda Maza Pérez. Age: 57
  12.  Josefina del Carmen Corzo Salas. Age: 65
  13. María Eugenia Cruz Hernández. Age: 49
  14.  Priest Margarito Hernández López. Age: 51
  15. Olga Lidia Ramírez González. Age: 42 
  16. Ángeles Paulina López Figueroa. Age: 21
  17. Brenda Sierra Velázquez Age: 47
  18. Ofelia Cruz Martínez Age: 59
  19.  Hortensia Gálvez Age: 68
  20.  Mariluz Salazar Arreola Age: 48
  21.  Rosita Del Carmen Muños González Age: 54
  22. Alejandro Alvarado Marina Age: 29 
  23. Alejandra Guadalupe Díaz Marina Age: 31
  24.  Martha Marina Cardona Age: 49 
  25. Delicia Marina Cardona Age: 58
  26. Adamaris Jasmine Medina Salazar Age: 17
  27. Gabriela de Jesús Díaz Marina Age: 28
  28.  Guillermina Chanona López Age: 53
  29. Jaime Adrián Consospo Avendaño Age: 16 
  30. Magdalena Román Pinacho Age: 59
  31. Victoria Aguilar Hernández Age: 57  
  32.  Unknown

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