McDonald’s Female Employee Punches Back Angry Customer

FLORIDA: The brawl started over straws at a Florida McDonald’s. McDonald’s Female Employee Yasmine James is seen in the footage punching back at the angry customer.

The customer Daniel Taylor who attacked the McDonald’s female employee is under arrest.

The footage shows the man grabbing her from the shirt and trying to pull her over the counter.

Yasmine James responded by punching Daniel Taylor several times.

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According to the new law, restaurants cannot have straws out. The new law, took effect January 1 in St. Petersburg. Customers must request the straw. Plastic straws will be completely gone by 2020. Businesses will have to find other alternatives.

Witness Brenda Biandudi

According to witness they man came yelling towards the counter, to which the female McDonald’s employee Yasmine James responded that is the law now we cannot keep the straws in the lobby.

Biandudi Said

“He was very upset, he started berating her, swearing, saying ‘There’s no law like that,'” “She said, ‘Yes it is, we’re not allowed to put straws out.'”

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St. Petersburg Police Department said Daniel Taylor faces two counts of simple battery after reaching over the counter at the fast food restaurant and grabbing a female employee, then later kicking another female employee in the stomach before leaving.

The Attacker Daniel Taylor

The public defense office is representing Taylor.

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