Mexican Woman Savagely Mauled and Killed By Dozen of Dogs

MEXICO: A CCTV footage has emerges revealing a Mexican woman being chased and savagely mauled and killed by nearly dozens of ferocious dogs.

The distressing footage show the woman is being chased by pack of dogs. She was was thrown on the ground and savagely attacked and ripped apart by angry dogs. She has been mauled and killed by the dogs.

The victims name is Margarita, 34 year old Mexican woman. She worked in a Toll Booth.

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CCTV footage captured he running in terror while being chased by dozens of wild dogs in Tecamac, Mexico.

Margarita can be seen trying to escape as she gets out of the camera view she apparently falls to the ground.

She took a short cut to her work, according to reports, Margarita’s body was discovered with large parts of her skin torn off and with chunks of her hair and scalp ripped off by the ferocious dogs.

Reports also suggested she was probably attacked for entering into the dogs’ territory. The dogs were medium-sized.

The members of Animal Control and the Animal Welfare Center have been instructed to visit the site and track down the animals by the mayor.

The investigation is underway as the police are not ruling out the possibility that the dogs could have been set upon her. 

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Mexican Woman Savagely Mauled and Killed By Dozen of Dogs

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