Miners Unearth 552-Carat Yellow Diamond In Canada

CANADA: One of the 30 biggest diamonds ever found is discovered by Canada’s Dominion Diamond Mines and Rio Tinto. Miners unearth 552 carat yellow diamond at the Diavik mine located in the Northwest Territory.

The 552-carat yellow diamond with the size of a chicken egg was unearthed in October. It measures around 3cm by 5.5cm.

According to the company in 2015 a 187.7-carat diamond was discovered at the same mine by Rio Tinto (mining company). The record previously held by the ‘Diavik Foxfire’ is now outdone by this new find.

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Dominion Diamond Mines have suggested the diamond will not be sold in its raw form. It is under evaluation and the value cannot be determined now. The diamond will be given to a partner to cut and polish.

According to reports recently 36.80 carat diamond was sold for $1.3 million at Christies auction house.

The company said in a statement :

“A diamond of this size is completely unexpected for this part of the world and marks a true milestone for diamond mining in North America.”

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First Biggest Diamond

The largest ever fond diamond was discovered near Pretoria in South Africa in the year 1905. It was a 3,106 carat Cillinan. The Diamond was cut into several stones later on. First Star of Africa and Second Star on Africa, and are part of Britain’s Crown Jewels. They are held in the Tower of London.

Second Biggest Diamond

Lucara Diamond 1,109 carat Lesedi La Rona

Third Biggest Diamond

Excelsior 995 Carat

Fourth Biggest Diamond

Star of Sierra Leon 969 Carat

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