MQM Chief Altaf Hussain converted to Hinduism

LONDON: The Founder of Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) London Group Altaf Hussain converts to Hinduism according to a newspaper on Wednesday.

A Local newspaper shared the story about Altaf Hussain accepts Hinduism as his new religion and seeking asylum in India from Indian Prime Minister Modi.

Altaf Hussain converts his religion

Altaf Hussain converts his religion

A senior journalist Nadia Mirza shared a video on Altaf Hussain becoming Hindu, that how low a person can to seek attention from Indian PM Modi.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan banned MQM London after anti-Pakistan chanting and hate speech after which MQM members in Pakistan formed a new Party known as MQM Pakistan.

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Meanwhile, after being banned on local media channels and unable to address public gatherings openly, Altaf Hussain went on social media and shared his message via Facebook and Twitter.

Several times Altaf Hussain asks Indian PM Modi to speak out for Muhajirs in Pakistan after Operation Cleanup 2.0 started in 2013 again and Intelligence agencies, Sindh Rangers and Sindh Police raids MQM Headquater recovers arms cache while thousands were arrested involved in running a militant wing of MQM. Some of the key MQM Leaders flee out of the country meanwhile others went through the dry cleaner machine (PSP).

Altaf Hussain ruled Muhajirs in Karachi and Hyderabad for almost 30 years and according to sources, he is seeking asylum in India for which he converted to Hinduism.

However, according to Shama Junejo on twitter said that she spoke with the right hand of Altaf Hussain, Azizabadi he categorically denies this news and said it’s totally baseless, another propaganda against Altaf Hussain.

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  1. This is a pack of lies f4om the Media controlled by Pakistan Army and its wing ISPR with the might.and I’ll money of ISI.

  2. Baseless story from a low profile newspaper, I think v should not write such news without any solid proof as it relates to someone religion.

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