Needlefish out of the water and into boys neck

INDONESIA: Muhammad Idul suffered a horrific experience when a Needlefish leaped out of the water and pierced into his neck.

The sixteen-year-old teenager is lucky to be alive. He had to go through a lifesaving surgery.

The Needlefish jumped out of the water and stabbed its snout into the boy’s neck all the way till his skull.

The incident occurred when the sixteen-year-old Muhammad Idul was fishing with his parents in Buton waters off the South East Sulawesi province.

The Needlefish with a razor-sharp snout jumped out of the water and attacked him.

The razor-sharp long snout sliced through Muhammad Idul’s neck and pierced the back of his skull.

The teen boy was rushed to the Siloam Bau-bau Hospital hospital where he was referred to Wahidin Hospital and went through a risky surgery two days later.

The risky operation was carried out by three surgeons and two anaesthetists on Monday.

Makassar Terkini news site reported the team of doctors took two hours to operate. The doctors at the Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital in Makassar saved the boy who had Sori fish (Needlefish) snout in his neck.

The site also said “The team of doctors works for about two hours doing surgery. “To remove the fish snout, one must be very careful because there is a large vessel in the neck,” said Prof. Dr. dr. Syafri K. Arif, SpAn, Anesthesia Specialist at Wahidin General Hospital and UNHAS Hospital.”

The boy is in stable condition but is still feverish. He will be kept in the hospital observation.

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The images of the boy have gone viral on social media. people are shocked by the incident.

Apparently this is not the first case, the Needlefish is quite notorious and is known to attack with its sharp snout.

Savage Paramedics

Needlefish are adept jumpers, carnivorous, and distinguished by long, slender jaws equipped with sharp teeth. The largest needlefish ever recorded measured about 1.2 m (4 feet) long!

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