Oblisco Capitale Tower in Egypt Aims to Surpass Burj Khalifa

EGYPT: On an Instagram post, Idia Design has proudly stated that they are already imagining The Oblisco Capitale Tower coming to life. Oblisco Capitale Tower in Egypt Aims to Surpass Burj Khalifa of Dubai.

The project is designed for one of their clients which just needs to be implemented, details of which are still kept confidential.

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Oblisco Capitale Tower

Oblisco Capitale Tower Egypt

Oblisco Capitale Tower in Egypt Aims to Surpass Burj KhalifaThis new landmark will be constructed in the New Capital City of Egypt; The Oblisco Capitale Towers aim to be the tallest tower in the world.

The height of the towers as said by the company will be as high as 1000 meters spreading over the area of 700 acres.


The tower will offer, residential, commercial, recreational, shopping and sports complex.

The design of the tower is a fusion of ancient Egypt design with today’s modern era design concepts and techniques.

Known Facts of Oblisco Capitale Tower So Far

Status: Design
Height: 1000 meters
Area: 700 acres
Location: New Egyptian Captial
Purpose: Commercial, Residential, Shopping, Recreation, Sports, Business Hub, Medical Complex
Architectural firm: Idia Design
Architectural Style: Pharaonic & Art Deco
Partners: Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

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